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    Ethnic Print Dress

    10th July 2016
    Ethnic print green dress square

    Do you remember aztec print leggings? A few years ago they were everywhere, and they were so overly mass-produced, that makers never even bothered matching the print so both legs looked asymmetrical. That was the ‘in’ look, and I couldn’t stand it. Continue Reading

  • square
    Summer Style

    Flower Maxi Transformation Into Slip On

    Have you ever been compelled to buy fabric? Have you ever regretted not buying enough of it? Well, the former happens to me quite often. The latter is my biggest fashion buying regret to…

    1st July 2016
  • Flower Duo Square
    Summer Style

    Upcycling: Flower Duo

    British summer. Normally it’s a washout, but for those sparse sunny and [actually] warm days that we get, every girl (I honestly need to start referring to myself as a woman) needs something bright…

    20th June 2016
  • elsa square
    Costume Junior Style

    Costume Archive Part II: Elsa

    It’s alright when you made something for yourself and it’s not quite the quality you had expected. You’re an adult. But when you make something for your child, and its something magical and they…

    5th June 2016
  • jasmin square
    Costume Junior Style

    Costume Archive Part I: Jasmin

    Going to a fancy dress shops is always a disappointment for me: clothes are poorly made and extremely overpriced. But my my little girl likes to get dressed up (less and less as a princess,…

    5th June 2016
  • Houndstooth0.5
    BurdaStyle Style Staples Work It

    Classics: Houndstooth

    A few years ago box tops came into fashion, and I was instantly hooked. But not just any boxy tops – the structured kind. It holds the shape, and its simplicity made it an instant…

    3rd June 2016