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June 2014


    Sales Sales Sales Sales Sales… Sailed…

    29th June 2014

    As the sale signs have finally started to appear in high street shop windows, those who like to hunt for a bargain are getting into their start positions. Some ladies save up for the whole year just to splurge on a completely new wardrobe in one go, while some walk from one store to the other just to find themselves in a situation where nothing takes their fancy. I generally find myself in the middle.

    Sale happens when shops want to get rid of their unsold seasonal stock in order to retrieve some room for the new merchandise, therefore, you can imagine, sale items are mostly stuff rejected by other shoppers, surplus to the demand – leftovers. If you are not put off by the fact that you will be wearing something that other lady with a thicker purse refused to wear, then welcome to the legions of other women, and men, in search of… Hmm… What it is that we all are looking for in the sales?

    lucky shoe closet

    1. Shoes

    My first point of call are shoe shops. Yes, it would be nice to have a separate pair of shoes for every outfit, if I had enough space. But my reasons are way more trivial: very occasionally a pair of shoes last longer than one season, but favourite, super comfy ones betray me sooner than my heart grows out of rose-tinted glasses phase. Cheap shoes for everyone!

    1.5. Hand bags

    Even though bag trends change, but only ever so slightly. Having a few handbags makes their life expectancy longer and coordinating outfits easier. Great news: since styling rules have been relaxed a little, hand bags and shoes do not have to match!

    2. Accessories

    As we all know, good accessories change and complete the outfit, and sometimes jewellery can cost more than clothes, but be totally worth it. Cut some costs and get your bling in the sale!


    3. Underwear

    Most of the time no one sees our underwear, but when it comes to those awkward situations when it is impossible to wiggle out of taking your clothes off, having fresh looking lingerie can help overcome the embarrassment. Stack up on lace panties to help fight underwear lines on a day to day basis!

    4. Basics

    For the most part, our wardrobes consist of basics – trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, jumpers, cardigans. Classics change from season to season: different cut, different fabric, different shade. Time to update!

    5. Fun Things

    Sales are great for those who like to experiment and get out of their comfort zone. Doing that while paying a full price can be disheartening: after wearing it once, you understand this is not you at all, the store doesn’t want it back and off it goes on eBay for 99p. Or stays in your wardrobe for the next 5 years. Knowing you didn’t pay the full price, makes it so much easier to let go.


    Oh no no no, Oooh no no no…

    1. Ask about sale refund policy

    Sales are notorious for impulse buys, and a lot of the stores make sale items non returnable. While taking your time deciding overnight whether you want that dress or not is not really an option, knowing you will not be stuck with an unwanted item lifts a lot of weight off your shoulders.

    2. Think outfits, not garments

    To fall in love with a blouse just to come home and realise you have nothing that goes with it. Does that sound familiar? Always keep in mind possible combinations with garments you already have or are planning on buying.

    3. You are not shopping in the sale out of necessity

    Aside from a very rare exception, you are hitting the sales because you enjoy shopping or hunting for a bargain, not because you are in desperate need of anything in particular. Make a list of criteria (for example, only buy trousers if they are certain width/length/style, because you are planning on wearing them to work) or have a picture in your head as to what you want to look like: if you don’t get it in the sale, no biggie, you are not gonna be left shirtless on the street.


    4. Don’t go gang-shopping

    I prefer to shop on my own. I know my style, I know what I want, I don’t want to offend my friends when we disagree, I don’t want to drag them around when they are tired. Shopping with girlfriend(s) can be fun, but you don’t really want anybody to know how much of a bargain your clothes really are!