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August 2014


    Fad-Shion Worthy?

    22nd August 2014

    Remember that classic episode of Sex and The City where Carrie and Berger discuss his book and that New York women shouldn’t/wouldn’t ever wear scrunchies? Yeah. This has a life of its own now, and we pretty much have grasped the idea. But what about other style mistakes, that we are so used to, that we do not even notice making?


    Trainers With Dresses/Skirts/Trousers

    Even though various style websites are making great efforts to convince us that it is perfectly ok to separate your footwear from your look, I am still in denial of this faux trend. You make an effort to put something nice on, so why cancel it out by making it look like you don’t really care? I have to agree, when we feel comfortable, we act our most confident. Sometimes finding a pair of comfortable dressy shoes can be difficult, yet it is not completely impossible. If you are in need of great all-rounder, invest in nude flat pumps made out of good leather and wear them with pretty much everything.


    Neon Colours




    Unless you are required to wear safety clothes with light reflecting properties, there is no need to resort to neon colour palette: there are just as bright alternatives in the regular colour chart. But if you want to stand out, make your colours look brighter by combining them with complimentary shades.




    My favourite head turners include camel toes, clearly visible underwear, misaligned pattern on left and right legs and OMG! skin coloured leggings. They are comfortable and much easier to put on than skinny jeans, and I am guilty for wearing them too. After a dance class, because it’s 9pm and I just want to get home, where I peel them off just before I am ready to wash off my workout sweat. But for everyday wear, opt for super stretchy jeans, like these Luz Hyperflex Skinny Jeans from Replay, you will amazed at the amount of stretch they have!


    Denim On Denim


    Jean fabric is unique in a sense that in can be combined with any other fabric or colour. But denim on denim is too good to be true. A classic combination of denim with leather, no matter what colour, will always look more polished. Stick to one denim garment at a time to avoid Canadian Tuxedo look and stay fashionable, super troopers!


    Denim Shorts With Pockets That Stick Out


    Home made look was in in the 60s. Flowers in your head, living in tents and taking your guitar wherever you go definitely has some nostalgic charm in it, but it is lacking that lustre that young, but already grown up fashionistas are all about. For a relaxed day look try some adult length shorts which will still allow a great view of your legs.