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Butterfly Varsity Jacket

29th August 2016

Varsity jackets have been ‘in’ for a while now. This summer the shops were especially full of them – flower patterns [mostly], slightly different shapes and lengths, but there was plenty for everyone.

I have had mine forever. When did Madonna make a line of clothes for H&M? About 10 years? Well, my beige silk varsity jacket is still going strong (matching pantaloons – no other words can describe them – went out of style pretty damn fast, as collection was rather ‘undergarment inspired’), so I thought my little lady could totally do with one of them too!

Got a piece of fabric from the offcuts section, Ania just picked it out and said she liked it. ‘Mummy, make me something out of this, please’, she said. Alrighty then!

This is the jacket we decided on – Children’s Blouson Jacket #148 from Burda 13/2013.

Burda 13:2013 #148

Because I only had rib knit in white, and snap fasteners come in a very limited amount of colours, I though it needed something else in white to make sense. I had a bag of organza butterflies which I think I had cut out of a net curtain remnant some years ago (I did mention I had a little sewing supplies hoarding issue – but who doesn’t!).

Working with fabric was a breeze – easily cut, easily overlocked and stitched. What ended up being an angry adventure was the installation of snap fasteners. The first pack I got ended up being old school (they have some sort of washer inside, which makes them ‘rattly’). As I cut little holes in fabric to put the stems through, it turned out they were too short to go through the fabric. The ones that did and managed to be attached to the caps, didn’t hold the fabric around them tight enough, and with it being jersey, I could see how temporary it was – with potential to fall out through stretched out holes which would ruin the jacket irreversibly. I cursed a lot that day.

But all is well that ends well. I got a pack of my tried and tested Prym Anorak Press Fasteners, and was done in no time!

Butterfly Varsity Jacket1

Butterfly Varsity Jacket2

Butterfly Varsity Jacket3

Butterfly Varsity Jacket4

Butterfly Varsity Jacket5

Butterfly Varsity Jacket6

Butterfly Varsity Jacket7

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