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    Costume Junior Style

    Costume Archive Part IV: Belle

    29th May 2017

    My little girl’s school gives exceptionally short notices for costumes. I don’t think they take into account parents who make their own, as we are definitely a minority. But, nothing has changed there, I do not like buying cheaply made fancy dress shop costumes, they never fit properly or look exactly like on the packaging anyway. Continue Reading

  • Costume Junior Style

    Costume Archive Part II: Elsa

    It’s alright when you made something for yourself and it’s not quite the quality you had expected. You’re an adult. But when you make something for your child, and its something magical and they…

    5th June 2016
  • Costume Junior Style

    Costume Archive Part I: Jasmin

    Going to a fancy dress shops is always a disappointment for me: clothes are poorly made and extremely overpriced. But┬ámy my little girl likes to get dressed up (less and less as a princess,…

    5th June 2016