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    Dress Up! Dresses

    Electric [Blue] Dress

    16th February 2017

    How old is too old to wear a mini dress? /*Asking for a friend.

    The argument seems to kick in for most women once 25 has been and gone. Even though everyone ages at a different rate, and the level of tolerance is rather different as well, and so many other factors play their roles (status, profession, not even starting on religious views) in determining what is appropriate. Continue Reading

  • Dress Up! Dresses

    Third Time’s a Charm

    Some things are instant. Coffee. Scratch cards. Gratification. Others take time and numerous attempts in order to be perfect. Or close to perfect, without being something else. If anyone ever had a long haul…

    6th February 2017
  • BurdaStyle Dress Up! Dresses

    Ethnic Print Dress

    Do you remember aztec print leggings? A few years ago they were everywhere, and they were so overly mass-produced, that makers never even bothered matching the print so both legs looked asymmetrical. That was…

    10th July 2016
  • Dress Up! Dresses Junior Style

    Holy Moly

    We have been waiting for this for months, and last Saturday it finally happened! My little girl had her First Holy Communion. I think my daughter’s reasons were quite different from mine, but we…

    11th May 2016