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Costume Archive Part II: Elsa

5th June 2016

It’s alright when you made something for yourself and it’s not quite the quality you had expected. You’re an adult. But when you make something for your child, and its something magical and they are eagerly anticipating, watching the idea fall apart right in front of you is heartbreaking. That’s what happened to this dress.

It fell apart. The yoke completely separated from the rest of the dress. And no amount of stitching was going to keep the plastic fibres (they are not even threads) in. The cape has survived, but the yoke and the sleeved had to be redone.

I got it spot on with the length though! Anticipating that the love for Elsa wouldn’t be short-lived, I cut the fabric as long as I could and gathered at the bottom. As Ania grows I will be unpicking theĀ flounces to add extra length.





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