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Costume Archive Part IV: Belle

29th May 2017

My little girl’s school gives exceptionally short notices for costumes. I don’t think they take into account parents who make their own, as we are definitely a minority. But, nothing has changed there, I do not like buying cheaply made fancy dress shop costumes, they never fit properly or look exactly like on the packaging anyway.

So, on my daughter’s request I made a Belle costume.┬áNot a dress though – a┬áblouse and a skirt, to be perfectly correct.


What you see is what you get. Nothing complicated. An off the shoulder jersey top, no zip, stretchy enough to get into. A shawl all around, gathered and secured in place with some hand stitching. Ribbon flowers. Without the showl and flowers, would be modern enough to wear during the summer.


This one is a two in one – netting petticoat and overskirt. It ended up having an elastic waist. Originally wanted to make an underskirt with elastic waist and an overskirt with a belt to tie into a bow at the back, but was running out of time, I only had 3 evenings to fashion this. If she needs/wants to wear it again, I will separate the layers, and add more netting to the petticoat, to make it even fuller. The outer skirt has plenty of room – full circle, with two side seams, the gathered effect created using zigzag stitch with elastic underneath. And if I need to make this longer (kids grow), I can add a ruffle to the bottom layer, I think it will look quite cute if it shows a bit.

Oh! The best part in the eyes of an eight yer old – it goes swoosh swoosh when moving.

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