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Costume Archive Part III: Spanish Dancer

6th June 2016

Ania is about to finish her 4th year at ballet school. It may be a proud parent talking, but her posture and grace are definitely there to show for it. And her love of dance, classical or contemporary, choreographed or messing around is there 24/7. And messing around is so much more fun when wearing something ‘real’.

Leotard made from cotton jersey, a super easy shape. The back opening is big enough to get into, so no fasteners required. To make sure the sleeves don’t roll up I added elastic loops to go around the middle fingers, Ania loves this little feature. Skirt made out of two circles layered up for bulk and trimmed in hi-lo style for movement. The part that took the longest was to attach bias tape to the red ruffle!

Made for a school performance as a Spanish dancer (Flamenco comes to mind first, but I think it ended up looking more like a Pasodoble dress), now probably her favourite costume, and it will be a hard one to beat!








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