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Electric [Blue] Dress

16th February 2017

How old is too old to wear a mini dress? /*Asking for a friend.

The argument seems to kick in for most women once 25 has been and gone. Even though everyone ages at a different rate, and the level of tolerance is rather different as well, and so many other factors play their roles (status, profession, not even starting on religious views) in determining what is appropriate.

For me personally, skirts and dresses shorter than a couple of inches above the knee are a no-no, I am talking about day time outfits here. Evening wear can be shorter – but that is dependent on the occasion (rapidly reducing in frequency) and even more so on the company. I am not old, but I feel mature enough to not need to reveal too much skin to look sexy, but I am not quite in a ‘less is more’ kinda place yet.

Samantha from Sex and The City, however, reduced the argument to this:

Now, I am not a fan of those boots on either of them (just not a fan of those boots, full stop), but the point is this – if it looks good, then who cares how old or how short. Or even better – if you want to, not a thing can stop you.


Average blue is a base colour of any wardrobe. It is classic. It is versatile. Navy is a preferential choice for most, but I have never been shy to wear bright colours.

This particular blue comes with different names: electric, sapphire, royal, zaffre, cobalt, admiral… Most likely, this is not an exhaustive list, but all these names refer to the same medium dark but strikingly bright blue.

Not a Keeper





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