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Flower Maxi Transformation Into Slip On

1st July 2016

Have you ever been compelled to buy fabric? Have you ever regretted not buying enough of it? Well, the former happens to me quite often. The latter is my biggest fashion buying regret to date – even 4 years later I still think I should have bought a whole roll of THIS fabric. 

But whatever piece I had to begin with, had definitely been used to its maximum, three times over! It started as a maxi dress I made for my holidays. As it goes, vacation clothing is only ever used once, and as beautiful as this one was, on return it was either going to be taken to a charity shop or was not going to be ever worn again. Too revealing and too long to be practical, it had to be toned down, so I gave it a second life by. Covering more skin (unfortunately no photos of dress Nr.2 available), it survived until the end of summer and was put away until the next year.



Next year I decided I wanted to wear the print to work. But a maxi dress is an inappropriate choice even for the most creative and adventurous workplaces. So a short shift dress (I prefer to accessorise those with belts) with a short jacket – to hide the excess skin – and I bold work outfit is ready. Take the jacket off – and you’re ready to party! (Currently, I work in a rather conservative environment, so it’s a day-off dress.)






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