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Costume Archive Part I: Jasmin

5th June 2016

Going to a fancy dress shops is always a disappointment for me: clothes are poorly made and extremely overpriced. But my my little girl likes to get dressed up (less and less as a princess, more and more as a teacher or a pop star!), and certain events at her primary school require either a trip to the said fancy dress shop or some creativity.

This one is an oldie. It was a struggle to get into it, but for the last time ever Ania agreed to put it on (she still loves it dearly, it’s the size).

This Jasmin costume was made for a book day at school. Children had to dress up as their favourite characters. Even though in the photos the outfit does look quite revealing, two years ago Ania’s belly was fully covered up, I made sure it was school appropriate. We took advantage of her complexion and her beautiful long [almost] black hair. Glitter shoes, unfortunately, got lost somewhere in time.






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