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Office Attire: How Smart is Too Smart?

9th February 2017

Countless articles have been written about correct office attire. But opinions are like… belly buttons. Every one has got one, but not everyone is a dancer. And some belly buttons are rather ugly!

I like to look smart. But after a recently opened debate about relaxing our dress code at work, it appears that it is a rather unpopular choice.


I had a little peak on a few popular clothing websites (for young women), particularly in their workwear sections, as I wanted to see what our young ladies have to work with [it is obvious that my DIY approach to dressing is not a widespread phenomenon]. What I found shocked surprised me – retailers are not making it easy to look stylish AND appropriate at work.

Have a look:

I understand, this is Missguided, but they SPECIFICALLY arranged these clothes into workwear category. And this is not the only retailer presenting such difficult choices. Asos business casual selection, however, is much more appropriate, with an occasional crop top and bare shoulders popping out. I do not have anything against crop tops (in fact, I have a couple of those myself), but in the office those should be paired with high waisted skirts or trousers. The same goes for the sleeveless pieces – bare arms can be ok, but cut out shoulders have a hint of vulgarity about them.

Does it matter?

Somehow, regardless what the final decision about our dress code is, I will continue wearing my favourite pieces (and plenty of new ones). But those who prefer more relaxed styles, will have more freedom to express themselves. Anyway, here is my take on a smart casual workplace attire.

Fabric is double layered, to reduce the sheerness. I normally wear both layers out, but when taking photos, I realised that the bottom fabric layer can be tucked it – I think it looks a bit neater that way as well. Sleeves are bell shaped, but gathered at the bottom, so that a slight effect of ‘droopiness’ appears.

(Also featured: navy cigarette trousers. My go-to piece – form fitting and stretchy, classic but fun colour.)

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