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11th June 2017

Apart from costumes, I also make actual clothes for my daughter. What is exciting, is that she is becoming my client. She asks me to make her things! It is wonderful to see how her fashion sense works, how pliable or how stubborn it can be, how we can change each other’s minds and compromise.

She started talking about a romper back in March, and the talking became exponentially more frequent as we approached summer months. It was going to remain a ‘no’, but she got lucky with some fabric that I ordered from the Internet, that ended up not being suitable for the project I had planned for myself. Instead of returning it, I decided to keep the fabric and just make my little girl happy!

I had a meter of each fabric (I think it was quite narrow) – bright green and yellow. Both fitted with the colour scheme of my daughter’s summer wardrobe, but she leaned towards the green. I used the yellow for the lining, as the romper would have been too see-through without it. Those two metres were not exactly a tight squeeze, but another 20cm would have been enough to make bows, or shorts a bit wider.

Oh! We drew inspiration from the River Island romper from their Spring-Summer 17 kids collection. I like ours so much more, naturally!


River Island:



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