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Ruffles in White

16th July 2017

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Famous quote by Pablo Picasso. Fits my agenda on this project pretty well, however, not to the extreme extent of stealing someone’s work. I was merely inspired to create my own interpretation.

This is a dress from Audra Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection (here it is in full). What I like about this dress is ruffles and gathers coming together to create quite a romantic dress out of a rather serious (if not boring) fabric. What I am not so keen on is that there is a lot of the same (mundane) fabric. But I get it, it is a winter collection, warm and cosy just about does it anyway.

My version is a white blouse – making a dress would be too obvious. I used both right and wrong – shiny and dull – sides of fabric. The ruffle, that goes all the way from the front to and across the back, separates the placement of shiny and dull pieces.

I didn’t use a pattern, but I didn’t quite drape the fabric either. I ‘dressed’ my mannequin in paper, then finished the pattern on a flat surface. The blouse is tight fitting, so to get into it, I needed to insert three zips – two side seam zips (one opening upwards and one downwards) and a centre back zip.

Now, the outcome is maybe naturally a little too flamboyant for me, but a small step outside of the comfort zone is not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t think.

On a side note. Making things on a mannequin – or draping – is not something I will be doing again, as I didn’t enjoy it as much as I though I would. I have also grown tired of using commercial patterns. While I will still be buying Burda (and a Russian sewing magazine of similar format), I am ready to finally try my hand at pattern drafting!

Also features: Trousers – M&S, Shoes – French Connection.

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