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Shifty Sheath Dress

22nd June 2016

I am sure it is not just me, unfinished creative work is all too common, common enough for it to have a whole Wikipedia article about it. I have even heard of the term UFO – UnFinished Object. Just like every other (I am sure) sewing and crafting enthusiast, I have a stash of those. The ones that I actually do want to finish are on display, generally hanging on the door, so I can see them as often as I pass by. The ones that are hidden away, most probably have lost their appeal, or, what I like to tell myself, I have not yet matured to complete my vision.

This one has been 5 years in the making. Well, it was finished and given to my mum, but as it was one of my very first projects after actually buying a sewing machine (I initially only wanted to make curtains), it was full or inaccuracies and I think the lining was a little too stiff – I was still figuring out fabrics’ behaviour. So it was duly returned to me for some adjustments, which I didn’t feel inspired enough to make until very recently. Essentially, the dress only needed a new lining (and also restitching the seams and yoke piece had to be recut again), and et voilà!

Safe to say, if mum wants it, she will have to fight me! I love everything about the dress: the length, how it drapes, how simple it is without a belt (shift dress) and how fierce it becomes when styled with one (almost sheath dress). And my favourite bit – looking sexy without showing much, barely anything, in fact.

Fabric is crepe georgette, I think, with velvety burnout print, its light and drapes really well. Based on BurdaStyle Bubble Dress #132 from 09/2011 issue, but instead of jazzy vibe, my version has a completely different aura about it. Check it out!











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