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    Office Attire: How Smart is Too Smart?

    9th February 2017

    Countless articles have been written about correct office attire. But opinions are like… belly buttons. Every one has got one, but not everyone is a dancer.¬†And some belly buttons are rather ugly!

    I like to look smart. But after a recently opened debate about relaxing our dress code at work, it appears that it is a rather unpopular choice. Continue Reading

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    Shifty Sheath Dress

    I am sure it is not just me, unfinished creative work is all too common, common enough for it to have a whole Wikipedia article about it. I have even heard of the term…

    22nd June 2016
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    Upcycling: Flower Duo

    British summer. Normally it’s a washout, but for those sparse sunny and [actually] warm days that we get, every girl (I honestly need to start referring to myself as a woman) needs something bright…

    20th June 2016